DENPLAN Services

 Denplan payment plans are set out by simply health.

Denplan allows patients to budget for their private dental care.
Patients are given the best possible service from the moment they join.
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 Denplan Care is a monthly payment plan which helps you pay for your routine and restorative dental treatment.
   The amount you pay is decided by your dentist and is based on your oral health and how much dental treatment you will need .After an initial assessment by the dentist of your oral health (for which you may be charged) you will be placed into one of five fee categories .
Our Denplan Care prices all include optional worldwide dental emergency and injury insurance cover. If you choose not to take out this optional insurance the monthly fee is reduced by 60p
 ROUTINE AND RESTORATIVE DENTAL CARE INCLUDES: Check-ups Hygiene treatment (including scaling and polishing) Dental x-rays Necessary fillings Preventive dental advice and therapy Any necessary extractions Periodontal (gum) treatment Crowns, bridges, dentures, inlays (excluding laboratory fees) Root canal treatment
 DENPLAN CARE DOES NOT COVER: Laboratory fees and prescriptions Any treatment excluded by the dentist in your contract which is payable by you at the private fee rates Referral to a specialist and specialist treatment Treatment carried out anywhere other than by your registered dentist Orthodontics, implants, cosmetic treatment Sedation fees
 Please remember – your routine dental treatment is at the discretion of your dentist and your contract is with your dentist, not Simplyhealth Professionals.
 Our Denplan care prices are as follows:
 Band A – 13.92
 Band B – 21.15
 Band C – 25.19
 Band D – 32.66
 Band E – 40.98

 Denplan Essentials is a dental plan which helps you budget for your routine preventive dental care.
Seeing your dentist regularly is important as it can help you avoid having to undergo costly, restorative treatments .
The dental plan is easy to set up and no pre-assessment is necessary Your dentist will decide how often she wants to see you and how much she will charge you

 Band A – 10.85 per month - This includes 2 examinations per year , two hygiene visits per year, routine x-rays and 10% discount from restorative treatments.
Band B – 16.15 per month This includes 2 Examinations per year, 4 hygiene visits per year, routine x-rays and 10% discount off restorative treatments.

 Please remember that your routine treatment is at the discretion of the dentist and the contract is with your dentist, not Simplyhealth Professionals.