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Hasland Dental Services

At the Hasland Dental Practice, we offer a full range of services.
Our dentist has over 30 years of experience which helps to ensure you get the highest standard of care available.
We offer a complete range of dental and hygiene treatments, performed by a skilled and highly dedicated professional.  Our treatments range from preventative dentistry (including hygiene, the treatment of jaw problems and sensitive teeth, identifying gum disease) to cosmetic services such as teeth whitening.
We work for the care of our patients, who at all times will be treated with dignity, understanding and respect.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure available at the Hasland Dental Practice.
The natural whiteness of your teeth fades over time, and can often get discoloured over time with staining due to a range of things such as coffee, wine and smoking.
Teeth Whitening is a process that allows us to restore your teeth to their natural white colour to once again give you a refreshed and bright appearance. Here at the practice we provide a safe treatment that allows you to whiten your teeth at your own pace and without damaging your enamel.  With advancements in technology, teeth whitening has never been quicker or more comfortable.
 Whiten Your Teeth Up To Eight Shades Lighter. Here we use the best products to ensure the best results.   
Our whitening service allows you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home at your own pace. The process is simple and easy and we will give you a full talk through of exactly what steps you need to take. 
In short, the process involves impressions being taken to create a custom impression tray to which you apply the whiening gel. These kits are superior to off the shelf ones available on the internet and in shops, with better, safer and longer lasting results.
Once you have completed your whitening and have the mould made for you at the first stage,  we can provide you with the whitening gel for future use meaning you can maintain your beautiful white smile. 
  No tooth enamel is removed or damaged during the process

To find out more about teeth whitening, or to book an appointment at our dental clinic call 01246232039 or visit us at 182 Hasland Road, Chesterfield, S410AG.